Our main objective is to achieve permanent customer satisfaction through Professional approach and following global trends.

Continuous product supply, product development, product applications and free sample policy are our main priorities.

Blending past experiences by ever evolving technology and our existing know-how we aim to satisfy customer’s needs and expectations at a highest level.

We also provide proper work environment, high level of training for having quality conscious associates and continuous development products and services

Through the feedbacks and needs of customers NCE Filter continuously improves all the processes which effect product quality and company’s profitability.

In order to keep clean environment and respect fort he nature we promise to serve recycling and filter industry in general for our company and for our country.

Quality- Highest quality production and sustainable development.

Reliability - Strong domination in supplier chain. High quality production.

Always on time, 24/7 service. Orders are processed and delivered quickly in a short period of time.

Sustaining competitve prices and stable production.

Always researching for new technologies for a better and larger product range.

As a strong firm in a filter market and as NCE Filtre, we believe that our strength and assests can help us give back to our society. In order to achieve that, we create projects that will be beneficial to our society and help our company move forward and grow.

As a people’s firm, we are always respectful to nature and people, every decision our company makes we are always concerned about these values. As a reflection of our principles on social responsibilities, eployees and employers in NCE Filter are always aware of their parts on achieving a strong society.

We believe that, harmony is attained through the effors of individuals acting in response to their enviornment and other people. NCE believes thatwe can help build a envornmentally conscious and communial society.

Creating global market coverage and offering a quality customer service that will provide a sustainable growth.

Offering first class quality products and services to our customers by considering high-tech and reliable production system

To bring customer-focused approach to international and domestic markets.

To protect environtment, to be loyal to universal values, to protect eployee and employer health and safety and support our society in the best and sustainable way.

Give our best in order to achieve global success towards future of recycling.